The future role of central banking will change. But how?

The Dutch Central Bank  requested the DTN to develop a large scale global scenario set for the to explore its changing environment to create new principles of regulation and develop six major innovation streams.

As a Central Bank, tasked to ensure the proper functioning of fiat currency, how to respond to outside innovation? In the world of bitcoin, blockchains, global integration integration, smart contracts, emerging cyber currencies, and a balance sheet recession the role of central banking will change.  But how?

The resulting six innovation streams has helped the organisation to function as an experimenter, a leader and a guide in this new space.

Leadership is acting on new visions of tomorrow.  It is crafting your own future in a changing world.

The scenario process comprised internal interviews, driving forces research, augmented by the remarkable AI foresight & global awareness platform NEWSCONOLE/,  several multi-day workshops, dinner sessions with guest speakers at the Central Bank and deep global interviews with remarkable people.

We interviewed climate scientists- informing how risk itself will change in the face of this existential threat, deep psychologists- sharing their work on our complex 3000 year relationship with money, venture capitalists- sharing their work on the nature of technology bubbles, Chief Economists- relating lessons from Japan’s balance sheet recession, bankers, regulators, AI pioneers- about the future of demand in a world when AI does all the work, blockchain CEOs, the CEO of payment network SWIFT, Bitcoin core developers etc.  The interviews were conducted in Brussels, Hong Kong, Seoul, San Francisco, Singapore, New York, Amsterdam and London, totalling just over than 500 pages of documentation.

Workshop posters made of a small selection of the interviews with the DTN’s network of remarkable people