Overview of NEWSCONSOLE built on top of the engine. Our analytical framework:

The AI Platform is a global sense-making platform that enables us to see domain overview to discover and track tensions inherent in all the news, patents, open-access research, medicine, tax, etc. The platform works natively in 15+ languages. / NEWSCONSOLE Testimonials

The ability to use the platform to see entire domains, tensions, infections, unknown-knowns helps us see soft future(s), tensions, inflection points- the edge. It is the capability to see the small thing (sub-prime) that is happening at the edge which in retrospect is not such a small thing at all (a global crisis).

The platform reads and processes billions of items of text to give its customers global overview where none existed. How can we have a system to see the world with a fresh pair of eyes? How can we increase our serendipity? How can we break out of our filter bubble? The NEWSCONSOLE/ platform combines human and machine curation to achieve the above.

A short technical overview below: